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 Located in Pingtung, Taiwan, Kao Fong College was established by Mr. 

 Shui-fa Hung. On August 1, 2004, Kao Fong College was authorized by the

 Ministry of Education (MOE) and started enrolling students. Over the past

 few years, teaching and research facilities have been greatly improved to

 achieve a “small but beautiful” campus.

 In August 2009, Kao Fong College was again authorized by MOE to change

 its name to Kao Fong College of Digital Contents (Kao Fong) to make the

 features of this college readily recognizable.

 There are 4-year and 2-year BA programs. Both Day Division and Evening 

 Division are available. The following departments are for the 2010 academic

 year: Department of Marketing and Logistics Management, Department of

 Marketing and Creative Design, Department of Hospitality Management

 (concentrations in Food & Beverage Management and Tourism

 Management), Department of Techno-Craft Design, Department of Digital

 Entertainment and Creativity, Department of Game Creation (two

 concentrations are Creativity and Design) , Department of Animation and

 Comic Design and Department of Digital Audio and Video Design.